Be AWare - Close Miking Techniques & Pro Tools - The sound you hear has been changed/

Hearing is believing.. however, this may not actually be the case when you are watching guitar amplifier demo videos, due to close miking techniques, and Pro Tools... if you see a microphone, you are NOT listening to the sound of the guitar amplifier IN THE ROOM.

You are listening to an edited sound, which will be witnessed by the fact of a microphone in front of the speaker cabinet. This means that the raw sound of the amp has been manipulated via the use of software such as Pro Tools  to change the final sound on the recording.

You will not see any microphones in front of the speakers on the Gjika 10^n amp demo recordings.

They are all 100% raw, uncut takes, using the microphone on the camera (or cell phone, which many of the demos were made using).

The Gjika 10^n has such unmistakably full, harmonically-rich tone built in, that it transcends the limitations of these non-professional recordings. 

You can hear these demos, and, if you want to delve deeper, hear Bob Gjika talk about his amps, why they do what they do, and how to use them, on his YouTube channel.

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