Compare Tube Guitar Amplifiers - How to Get the Best Guitar Tone - Cream/Eric Clapton - Sunshine of Your Love

Listen to the videos comparing the guitar amp tone achieved in various renditions of Cream's famous Sunshine of Your Love...

First, the legendary finished recording of Sunshine of Your Love, with the legendary guitarist, Eric Clapton

Second, Sunshine of Your Love in live performance

Third, a guitar lesson on how to play Sunshine of Your Love by a talented popular guitar instructor, whose videos we enjoy

Fourth, a popular YouTuber guitarist attempts to re-create the legendary guitar tone of SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE using two different vintage guitar amplifiers favored by Eric Clapton (using close miking techniques to capture sound quality)

Fifth:  Bob plays his Gjika Powers of Ten guitar amplifier at ultra-low bedroom amp volume, using the Gjika Gainmaster to achieve the driven amp sound even at this low volume, recorded with nothing but a cell phone to capture the sound in the room. 

Sixth - Bob plays a 1964 SG copy of Eric Clapton's guitar through his Gjika 10^n guitar amplifier at small club volume, also utilizing the Gjika Gainmaster to achieve the desired guitar tone. Both of Bob's demos were done using no close miking techniques and only a cell phone to record them. 

You be the judge - listen with your own ears, side by side - compare the guitar amp tone - and think about how much easier the Gjika Powers of Ten guitar amp makes the job of the sound engineers in creating a finished product, and also with limitless ability seeing as though you will not be on a cell phone, but using more sophisticated recording equipment and your engineering skills. You will have a killer head start on getting a great tone in the studio, or, of course, live.