Gjika 10^n

Powers of Ten Amplifier

(Shawn Lane Gold Amp Redux)

Shawn Lane (the great one), and two videos of him playing through the amp I built for him, used on his Powers of Ten CD

Shawn Lane on a white strat is my favorite video of Shawn playing through that amp.  Click here for a playlist of Shawn Lane playing through his Gjika Gold amp, achieving the greatest guitar tone ever in the world..

Bob Gjika Amps  (shawn lane amp, Boutique amplifier, Powers of Ten)

The 10^n is my latest guitar amplifier. It is a redesign based on the stereo 8 EL-34 single-ended amps I used to make many years ago, that became known as the "Shawn Lane Amp" , as Shawn recorded his Powers of Ten CD and toured with this amp. 

Thirty years later I was inspired to redesign this amp into a much more practical and usable package, with even better tone.

So here it is, and now discerning guitarists can own this ultimate Class A, high-power, single-ended guitar amplifier. 

I still build the way I used to, sourcing custom & hard-to-find parts, all hand-wired with no circuit boards.  This amp is powered by 4 KT-77 or EL-34 power tubes. It is very powerful and can be controlled at any sound level with the Gainmaster.  The Gainmaster is designed, hand-in-hand, with my amps, to achieve the driven sound of the amp, at any desired volume.

Bob Gjika

the Bob Gjika / Shawn Lane connection

Bob Gjika & Shawn Lane were friends. They shared a great love of guitars, and had a mutual respect for each others' expertise in their respective fields. Bob created an amplifier for Shawn that allowed Shawn to make some of the greatest guitar music ever in the world. All the rest is drama. Shawn Lane was a guitarist like no other. Bob is honored to have been a part of creating Shawn's guitar tone on the Powers of Ten album. His latest amplifier, the 10^n, is named so in tribute to the greatest guitarist who ever lived, and who used the predecessor of the current Gjika amp in his groundbreaking album, Powers of Ten. The new amplifier differs from the original in several key ways. Firstly, it is a mono version of the stereo 8-EL34 amp used by Shawn Lane on both his Powers of Ten albums.  It's also quite a bit smaller and more portable and user-friendly than it's predeceser. The Gjika Gainmaster has upped the game to make the new amp heads and shoulders above even it's lofty precursor, and as the ONLY Class A, High-Power, Single-Ended guitar amp on the market, it has re-set the standard by which all tube amps will be judged by in future generations (if tube amps survive the current trend of outlawing groundbreaking audio technology components due to carbon footprint issues). This amplifier is the result of Bob Gjika's lifelong obsession with guitar tone. When there are no longer Gjika amps being produced, the remaining Gjika amps on the planet will step beyond the revered status of the Trainwreck and Dumble amps, being not only unobtainable, but also of intrinsic value beyond rarity, into utility, providing the most discerning guitarists the tool they need to define themselves and their craft with a signature tone that is only limited by their own Powers of Ten.

Compare Guitar Amps - Battle of the tube amps

Revered vintage amp toneVS  Iconic artist recording  VS  Legendary live performanceVSGjika 10^n guitar tone

...and for good measure, we added a guitar lesson on how to play the song, by an esteemed YouTuber/guitar instructor

Side-by-side comparison - you be the judge - how to get the best guitar tone

Cream/Eric Clapton - Sunshine of Your Love

Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits

Bob Gjika & Ken Fischer enjoyed a long friendship and shared notes on their amplifier designs... More

" I have been playing, gigging, touring, buying, and selling gear for 30+ years. I have worked in every major music store in NY, I have played / owned several "D" Amps, Several "Train"  amps ( actually knew Kenny) Tony Bruno Amps ( good friend ) Vintage Marshall, Fender, Vox, Newer "Boutique" Amps and NONE OF THEM EVEN COME CLOSE to the PURE TONE, PURE SIMPLICITY and PURE INSPIRATION that this amp evokes.... "


Bob Gjika's Powers of Ten Amplifier guarantee (and warning): 

I personally guarantee that if you are passionate about guitar tone, and you play through my 10^n guitar amplifier, you will be overcome with a desire to own it.