Vic's email to Bob, upon receipt of his 10^n with Gainmaster...


Nothing else like the 10n (you knew that and now I do too). All of the SOUND I ever wanted. I just played it through a Bandmaster cab packed with two '60s vintage 12" Vox gold bells. Sensational. I've been picking since I was 14 and this is worth the 52 year wait.

I've had many disappointments over the years. It's a new experience to hear something that sounds as good as I imagined it.

Thanks doesn't seem to be adequate.

A Fan,


Several months later he emailed this "review":

Why You Cannot Have My 10n

A volume control, a tone control and a black box called Gainmaster. All that’s needed. It tells you everything about this amplifier.

The 10n amplifies MY tone. It doesn’t add to or color anything. Even a lot of those old tweed amplifiers I’ve collected have bass-mid-treble-presence controls. A modern-era amp?? Their makers are inventing new names for all of the added controls in them.

I have a 1956 Gibson ES225 into which I’ve installed a Charlie Christian blade pickup wired straight out – no volume or tone control. Plugged into the 10n it’s all about the sound I hear in my head and how well I can get it to my hands. This amp is as essential to tone as air is to breathing. That’s why you’ll have to get your own – you aren’t getting mine.

It makes me wonder what happens after Bob Gjika stops making them. I saw that one of his other customers bought two of them and understood immediately why he did that.

Wait if you dare.

Vic Sulkowski

Gjika 10^n Amps - Customer Reviews, Comments, and Links

Dave Ponte sent me the following texts upon receipt of his first 10^n...

Hi Bob
Well I wanted to try her sooo bad I haven't even been to sleep yet from yesterday's traveling and last nights gig !!! I used my two main guitars the Lentz from your room at the L.A. Amp show and the my Gibson Lee Roy Parnell with Ron Ellis p/ups. The 10n loves the 70 cab with 55's in it with the Lentz she seems to like the 69 cab with 75's for the Gibby but Is close may need to play a little longer to get the match made in heaven for the Gibby. I LOVE this amp, she exceeds anything I have ever played and like I said I have owned / played them ALL !!! I am having the MOST INTERACTIVE  experience between player / guitar / amp that I have EVER had ... EVER !!! It's almost like the amp KNOWS what you want from it AND it responds to pick attack and volume rolls better than ANY OTHER AMP   Not by a little bit by a LOT !!! REALLY  REALLY AMAZING Experience ...
Stand by for my deposit for my second 10n I just need to move a couple of things because I am not one of those independently wealthy guys I mentioned in a prior text !!! Would love if I could get it to you quick enough to have consecutive serial numbers... We"ll see... 
I can't stop playing and I haven't slept in 27 hours !!!!

Ok, so I have been playing with my new 10n for SEVERAL hours now and as I said in a previous text, I have been playing, gigging, touring, buying, and selling gear for 30+ years. I have worked in every major music store in NY, I have played / owned several "D" Amps, Several " Train " amps ( actually knew Kenny) Tony Bruno Amps ( good friend )
Vintage Marshall, Fender, Vox, Newer "Boutique" Amps and NONE OF THEM EVEN COME CLOSE to the PURE TONE, PURE SIMPLICITY and PURE INSPIRATION that this amp evokes. You have something VERY VERY SPECIAL here Mr. Gjika VERY VERY SPECIAL indeed.


Perfect ... I know it sounds like I am blowing smoke up your ass, but man, the more I play this amp the more and more inferior everything else I own sounds ( and we are talking about High Dollar, Big name amps that I thought were as close to "THAT" sound as I was ever going to get ) I mean this thing even without the Gainmaster is a fucking beast as well . The cleans are articulate, focused, warm, STELLAR sounding!!! Crank her up without the Gainmaster and I mean FUCK, it doesn't get much better that that unless of course you are using it WITH the Gainmaster  which just brings things up to a tonal experience that I thought was unattainable 
Can't say THANK YOU enough
Dave P


​Yes exactly, well it doesn't shock me ( no pun intended ) that no lift needed on two 10N"s you TRULY are in a league of your own and that's coming from a guy who has known and was / is friends with some real heavy hitter amp builders!!! All joking aside, the amp is fucking like stepping out of a 1972 Datsun B-210 and getting into a Lamborghini Countach it's THAT far ahead of everything else  

Bill Walker: (five star Facebook review)

The Gjika 10n (Powers of Ten) is the best amp I’ve ever owned. Period. And I don’t state that lightly. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly fifty years and I’ve owned or played through just about every notable amp there is…and none of them even come close. I’ve known Bob Gjika for over thirty years and was always an admirer of his work as a guitar builder and amp designer. And I currently own two of his earlier amps, along with the 10n: the 40-watt KT-66 head and a single-ended combo with one KT-66 tube that Bob calls the Super Tweed. But the 10n leaves them in the dust. What a first-time player of the 10n will note is the amp’s lush and evocative clean tone. Coupled with a little chorus, delay and reverb, it sounds like heaven and one could play this tone all night and not miss the distortion.

But distortion is what we all love, right? The 10n, as is the case with his other recent amps, utilizes the Gjika Gainmaster as its floating front end. The Gainmaster enables a player to get a wicked cranked amp sound at whisper volumes, but if you want to shake the house to the foundations the 10n will do that, too—in spades! What has always frustrated me about other amps is there is almost always something in the tone that I try desperately to tune out of it, twisting the knobs every which way, whether it is a nasally midrange or a cloudiness to the overall tone. These other amps force you to conform to what they can do. Not so the 10n. The amp is warm and gutsy, but has a clarity and sparkle that has to be heard to be believed. This is truly an amp that allows the player to get his or her tone without compromise and will sound different under every player’s hands. The way Bob puts it is: “The amp will stay out of your way.” An apt phrase, indeed.

The amp is also built like a tank, with no circuit boards. It’s true point-to-point with components hooked together via terminal strips. Very few amps are built this way today, and Bob refuses to compromise the integrity of his designs by offering anything he feels is substandard. That’s why his amps rarely break. In fact, the only time I ever had a problem was when I put a bad tube in one of his earlier amps. I knew something was wrong and removed the tube before any damage could occur, but the surprising thing was the amp still sounded pretty damned good!

In closing, I believe this will be the last amp you ever buy, and will perform flawlessly for years to come. In my not-so-humble opinion the 10n is worth every penny Bob is charging for it.

Bryan Betts: (five star Facebook review)

I love this amp. I always describe the tone I am trying to achieve feels like holding on to a ball of solid warm glass. The 10^n delivers that tone and feeling. I knew what I was getting in to, because years ago I heard Shawn Lane's tone and it was unlike anything else. I love the sound of a Marshall, but this was something different, more fluid. When I saw that Mr. Gjika was building the 10^n, the choice was obvious. I have had my 10^n since 19 July, 2017 and it consistently delivers that tone 100% all of the time. It is solidly constructed, brilliantly engineered, great looking and sounds absolutely beautiful. I definitely want to get another one.

It's always gratifying to hear what my customers say about my amps and how playing through them has impacted their music...