Gjika Amplification Speaker Cabs

​Most people that buy my amps have acquired some very good cabs over the years, and realize the importance of having a nice variety of speaker cabinets.​ The 10^n is noted for showcasing all of these quality, sought-after speakers. I do have a small, easy to transport, 2x12 matching cab that I designed to be a really exceptional sounding all around speaker cab for this amp. This cab excels in all the ranges of clean to driven tones. 

While one of these cabs would certainly be enough firepower for any situation, two of them satisfies those looking for a massive soundscape. 

Above are three examples of clean sounds with the same guitar and settings on the amp.  The one in the middle with the C-90s is the cabinet that you can buy from me.

Below are two examples with the same guitar and similar amp settings.  The Trower video is through a 4x12 loaded with original 1960s G12H bass cones.  The Hendrix video is through my available cabs with the C-90s... Another thing to note on these two videos is that on the Trower video, I have the "holy grail" unobtanium original vintage KT77 power tubes, and you can clearly hear how good these amps sound, as in the Hendrix video, and all other videos I made, are set up with all available modern tubes.  In fact, when I A/B them for players in person, they actually prefer the tone of the fresh modern tubes, compared to the extremely expensive and unobtainable, less than stellar vintage tubes.

So, the moral of this story... and something that I am VERY excited about, is the fact that I have succeeded in one of the design goals of this amp, which was to eliminate any reliance on unobtainable tubes and speakers, even for the elite tone fanatics, myself included...