How to obtain a Gjika 10^n Amplifier?

CALL or TEXT: 619-985-3368.

You can check out the listings on, but just call Bob directly... these amps seem to find their new homes shortly before or after being completed, burned in, and tested. It takes about two weeks, to do all this, because it is all done by Bob's two hands - up to this point, nobody has had to wait longer than a month (custom color).

Just call or send a text to get the ball rolling. If there is not one ready to ship out, you can make a small deposit, and once your product is almost ready to ship, we can arrange for the rest of the payment. There are no large deposits to make an amp for you. We aren't a bank, and don't want your money until there's a product ready to ship. As far as speaker cabs go, it's hit or miss, we are trying to keep one in stock, but more people are ordering the matching cab with the head & Gainmaster, so there may be a short (less than four weeks) wait time on speaker cabs.