Gjika Amplification  - Warranty information for all Gjika Amps

Since I build each one of these amps by hand, myself, I spend a great deal of time after the final wire is soldered, breaking in and burning in each amp, so that I am satisfied it is ready for a lifetime of service.  All products manufactured by Gjika Amplification and shipped out by us are sent FedEx and the declared value is what you paid for the product, plus the shipping and insurance. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you want to avoid customs charges by not declaring the full value, that is a risk that you take, but, should the amp be damaged in shipping or by customs inspectors, that you will not be insured for full value. Your warranty does not cover shipping damage.


Your amplifier, Gainmaster, and cable are warranted to be free of defects when delivered or shipped. If any part of these items fail, with normal use, within one year, they will be fixed free of charge. If tubes fail, within one year of normal use, they will be replaced free of charge (during first year of ownership of the Gjika 10^n with Gainmaster and Cable). Subsequent tube issues will be at the user's expense. Gjika Amplification may require that the old tubes that are being replaced during the first year be returned, at Gjika Amplifications's discretion.

Your warranty extends to beyond the first year, but tube replacement does not. Your Gjika amplifier is warranted to be free of manufacturer defects to the original owner, forever. Once the amp has been in use for one year, any manufacturer's defect should have surfaced by tht time, but in case it happens later, you are covered. Power tubes, particularly with heavy use at high volumes, may wear out and need replaced. If any part fails within one year, of normal use, in normal indoor environments (out of moisture, extremes of temperature, etc) or covered, protected outdoor environments, during performances, it will be repaired at Gjika Amplification's expense. Shipping back to you will be paid for by Gjika Amplification if the repair is necessary due to a manufacturer defect. If the repair is needed because of improper use, having been dropped, altered, or abused in any way, then the repair will be at the expense of the owner, who will pay shipping both ways, all materials, and the standard current bench fee. In short, anything that is not due to abuse will be fixed free of charge - and tubes are warranted for one year, and after that, the buyer pays re-tubing expenses.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: shipping charges may be prohibitive, as well as VAT expenses. Gjika Amplification cannot absorb shipping costs both ways overseas, but will repair amps shipped back to us, free of charge, and ship back to you at our expense if the repair is needed due to a manufacturer's defect.

If you feel that there is a problem with your amp, you should contact me to troubleshoot – by text or telephone at 619-985-3368 or by email at gtrmojoman@gmail.com. I am always available to service my products, however, most problems will not require returning the amp to me.

Your Gjika Powers of Ten Guitar Amplifier is designed to provide a lifetime of enjoyment and it is our goal to provide you with the ultimate electric guitar amplifier experience. Congratulations on your purchase of the best guitar amplifier in the world.